What is sperm friendly lubricant? And how can it help you conceive? A review of the top 5.

What is sperm friendly lubricant?

A common mistake women make when trying for a baby is to carry on using their normal lubricants such as Durex, KY jelly, saliva or baby oil. Such lubricants can reduce a sperms motility greatly and can negatively effect their passage through the cervix so they must be avoided. If you want to use a lubricant when trying to conceive then you need one that is sperm friendly which actually supports sperm rather than inhibit or damage it.

Do sperm friendly lubricants work?

Yes! Sperm friendly lubricants or fertility friendly lubricants are clinically proven to work and over 80% of customers have given Pre-seed a 4 or 5 star review rating on Amazon.

As I didn’t always get egg white cervical mucus every cycle and the months I did get it I didn’t have very much, a lubricant was a must have for me. I wanted to give myself an edge and do everything I could to ease the passage of sperm to the right place. After doing some research, I knew fertility friendly lubricants existed and worked well although they can be a bit more expensive than regular lubricant. Despite this I am very glad I invested as I managed to conceive 4 times while using it.

What is the best Sperm friendly lubricant on the market?

I have tried and tested most of the most popular sperm friendly lubricants you can buy online and I have also recently found a new one which has just been put on sale. There are probably a lot more brands and will be in the future but I will review the ones that are readily available to you. It all depends on your budget really and what you prefer to use i.e. self filling applicators, individual pre-filled applicators or just a tube you can apply yourself as and when you need it.


Pre-Seed Fertility – Friendly Vaginal Lubricant Multi-Use Tube with 9 x 40g Applicators.


Amazon Rating: Over 80% of customers have given Pre-seed 4 or 5 stars.

Review: Pre-seed is probably the most popular and well known brand of all the sperm friendly lubricants and they have been perfecting their recipe over many years. I found it easy to use and a nice lubricant. It comes with little applicators/syringes to help you get it where it is needed. I actually conceived twice using this lubricant and I really recommend giving it a go. :

  • Pre-seed is clinically proven to be a sperm friendly lubricant.
  • It allows the free movement of sperm.
  • Its pH is similar to a woman’s fertile cervical mucus.
  • It is used within fertility clinics and was developed by doctors.
  • It’s isotonic formula is less irritating to the genitals than other leading sperm friendly lubricants.

Conceive Plus:

Conceive plus: Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant, Tube 75ml.



Conceive plus: Individual use applicators – 3 pack  or 8 pack 

Amazon rating:  0ver 70% of Amazon customers give conceive plus 4 or 5 stars.

Review: When trying out Conceive Plus I found the 75ml tube was more suitable for me. The pre-filled applicators are very good but I found I would go through them very quickly and needed to buy more. They are designed as single use so the cost can add up if you are having sex multiple times during your fertile window. With the tube you can chose how much you need and when you need it so there is less waste. The lubricant is very similar in texture to any other lubricant and I cannot fault it really. I conceived my son using this after 6 long months of trying. It has great reviews on Amazon and lots of ladies have conceived using it. I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

Ritex Kinderwunsch conception lubricant.

Ritex KINDERWUNSCH Conception Lubricant – 8x4g Pre-Filled Conception Applicators.


Amazon Rating: This lubricant has not been rated on Amazon as of yet.

Review: This lubricant is quite new and as I only recently discovered it I have not tried it myself yet. The price seems OK and it has been clinically tested etc. It is sperm friendly and has a natural pH similar to semen and cervical mucus so will support a sperms journey like the other lubricants. It is produced in Germany hence the foreign name and it is said to be made with ”state-of-the-art technology”. You get the same number of individual applicators as with conceive plus and it is a few pounds cheaper. You get one less than with pre-seed (who sell 9 packs) for a similar price.

Emerita Natural Lubricant

Emerita – Natural Lubricant  – 4oz bottle.


Amazon Rating: 86% of Amazon customers give 4 or 5 stars.

Review: Emerita’s Natural Lubricant is not specifically aimed at those trying to conceive but of all the other lubricants, this one is the most natural. It lubricates really well and is free of mineral oil and petroleum. It contains vitamin E and allantoin which help relieve vaginal dryness and as it is sperm friendly it can be used when trying to conceive. If you want to go for the more natural option then this is a great choice. It washes out of bedclothes easily and doesn’t stain. I conceived my daughter using this lubricant so it works extremely well.

Zestica Fertility.

Zestica Fertility Lubricant – 6 pre-filled applicators.

 Amazon Rating: No rating by customers at present.

Review: I am going to state the obvious here and say it is more expensive than other sperm friendly brands on sale but it contains Hyaluronic Acid which has been shown to increase sperm motility. If your man’s sperm has low motility then it might be a good investment for you. The applicators make it easy to apply the lubricant around the cervix where it is needed and it has been designed specifically for woman with very little fertile cervical mucus. All in all it is a great lubricant although a little pricey. I have seen this on sale at Amazon from time to time so it is worth keeping an eye out for a bargain. I only paid  £8.95 for 6 applicators of Amazon back in March 2018, so there is a great bargain to be had from time to time and for this price I would give 5 stars.

Fertilty packs.

What I did when I first started trying for a baby was to buy a ‘Fertility Pack’ off Amazon which contained the following: 1 x Pre-seed Multi Use 9 + Applications and 15 x 20mIU/ml Ovulation and 10 x 10mlU/ml Pregnancy Tests. This way I got a bit more for my money and I got to try out the cheaper ovulation tests before I bought more.

If you don’t yet have a thermometer to chart your ovulation and would like one then this ‘Fertility pack with thermometer‘ might be a good option for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment if there are any other sperm friendly lubricants you have tried or recommend I put on my review list.







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6 thoughts on “What is sperm friendly lubricant? And how can it help you conceive? A review of the top 5.

  1. Goran says:

    Your article was very informative and I didn’t knew that various lubricants can actually damage sperm, from now on I will be more careful, thanks for sharing that information it is very valuable to be honest.

    • Vicki says:

      You are welcome. A lot of couples do not know that their normal lubricants can be reducing their chances of conceiving but if you do not have much cervical mucus then it is great that there is an option to use a safe lubricant. I am shortly going to upload a page on ways you can increase your cervical mucus naturally so that may be useful if you rely on lubrication often.

  2. Darcy says:

    Wow! This is a very informative post. I had no idea that lubricant could effect your ability to conceive. I cannot have children myself, but I know several people who will benefit greatly from this post. I will share it with them!
    The prices are not as high as I would have thought for this sort of product too… certainly worth investing in especially after hearing about your success with these products. Congrats on conceiving 4 times! That’s amazing.

    Thanks so much for this post.
    Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude,

  3. Mercedus Long says:

    Your article really makes me wonder how much we really know about fertility. For example if the products we use to enhance sexual experience harms our chances of becoming pregnant, why use them? I really appreciate that your article was candid and that you had already used some of the products mentioned. Thank you for being honest in your approach and giving some great information.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you for your supportive post. I suppose the reason that normal lubricants can cause damage to sperm is because most couples, most of the time, are having intercourse for pleasure and not in order to conceive. Although lots of couples do get pregnant using these everyday lubes, the chances may be reduced. I am just thankful that there are sperm friendly alternatives for those woman actively trying.

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