Can the female orgasm help you get pregnant?

Can the female orgasm increase your chances of conceiving?

This is something I came across by accident and I found it quite fascinating to discover that the female orgasm can assist us when trying to conceive. Being a biologist and firm believer in evolution, I always wondered what the point of a female orgasm was (apart from being very enjoyable of course). It should in theory give us some sort of advantage when it comes to reproduction and I think I may have found my answer.

Having regular orgasms is proven to reduce our stress levels and may help a woman to ovulate more regularly. Having orgasms can help to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream. This hormone is known to have an effect a women’s fertility by delaying or preventing ovulation if levels are high for prolonged periods. By ovulating more regularly, this in turn will give her more opportunities in a given time frame e.g. 12 months, to conceive.

Not only this but the female orgasm may also assist the passage of sperm up through the cervix. The contractions caused during a female orgasm may help to suck the sperm up through the cervix and help us to retain more sperm inside us for longer. This will in turn increases the chances of a sperm cell reaching the egg. The key for this technique to work is to have the orgasm after your partner has deposited his sperm inside you. So ladies your man has no excuses! You just need to switch roles for a while and let him climax before you. Once he is satisfied it’s your turn to have some fun.

Having orgasms during your period may also help to shorten your cycles by helping to shed the uterus lining more quickly due to the uterine contractions. I doubt this can shorten your cycles by much but it is still an interesting fact nonetheless. If this is true then it will also give a women more chances to conceive over e.g. a 12 month period.

Having regular sex can boost your fertility.

In addition to having regular orgasms, just having regular sex for fun outside of your fertile window can also help boost your fertility in a number of ways. Having regular sex (even if you do not climax) can once again help to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream.  Having regular sex can therefore help us to ovulate more regularly and thus increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.

Furthermore, semen (the fluid which carries the sperm cells) contains a certain protein which may actually help to stimulate ovulation. Once semen is present in the vagina it may encourage or kick start the ovulation process. Lots of research suggests this is the case in many animal species and could be for humans too.

Having regular sex can protect against miscarriage.

Having sex regularly can alter a woman’s immune system in a way to give her an advantage when trying to have a baby. Our body produces an immune response when it detects a foreign cell or tissue inside our bodies (anything from a bacterium to a transplanted organ). When a woman is ovulating, she will produce high levels of a different immune cell which helps us to accept foreign cells such as a sperm cell or embryo. A study found that for women who are having regular sex outside of their fertile window have higher levels of this immune cell so preparing us for the foreign cells in advance. Our bodies really are amazing!

What is the best sex position to get pregnant?

I have seen this question asked so many times on trying to conceive forum and I became quite interested to find a definitive answer. I carried out a lot of research and I came to the conclusion that there is no one position that is better than another. I wish I could tell you that doing missionary or doggy style or backwards cowboy etc. would increase your chances but there is no solid evidence for this so I would not worry about it. Just do whatever position you and your partner prefer and have fun!

What I would say is to try to stay lying flat for at least 15 minutes or so afterwards so that the sperm remains inside the vagina for as long as possible after having sex. I preferred having sex at night before falling asleep to give the sperm the best chances and I would often even stick a pillow under my bum but I doubt this made any difference.

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6 thoughts on “Can the female orgasm help you get pregnant?

  1. Jyoti says:

    Very interesting article. I had no idea that female orgasm can actually increase the chances of getting pregnant. It’s best when you know your body and only then you can help yourself. Thank you so much for the insight.

    • Vicki says:

      This is what a lot of couples think when they first start trying to conceive. When you look a little deeper there are so many easy ways you can put the odds in your favor each month and get pregnant faster.

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