Trying to conceive abbreviations – what do they all mean?

Trying to conceive abbreviations

When I first started trying to conceive I thought I had missed the boat when it comes to all the jargon that goes on within the baby forums and trying to conceive forums. I had no idea what each abbreviation meant and it actually put me off asking for help or joining discussions for a long time. I was desperate to chat to other women who were trying for a baby however so I decided to do some research.

I discovered what most of the more common abbreviations stand for and I have put together a little list below so you can be an expert in no time.

AF = Aunt Flo – this is another way to say your period e.g. AF or Aunt Flo is due means your period is due.

AI – Artificial Insemination = when semen is injected into the vagina or uterus.

BFP = big fat positive = a positive pregnancy test.

BFN = big fat negative = a negative pregnancy test.

BD =  babydance/bodydance = means to have sex or intercourse.

BBT – basal body temperature = is the lowest body temperature taken at rest immediately after waking up and before any physical activity has been carried out. It is used to chart your ovulation.

B/W = bloodwork = Blood tests to measure e.g. hormone levels.

BF – Can mean to Breastfeed or your boyfriend

BH – Braxton hicks contractions = weak/false uterine contractions during pregnancy which are irregular.

BP – Blood pressure

CD – Cycle day = The number of days since the first day of your last period.

CIO – Cry it out = to have a good cry.

CM – Cervical mucus = Your vaginal discharge.

CVS  – chorionic villus sampling = a test carried out in early pregnancy to uncover any congenital abnormalities in the baby.

CP = Chemical pregnancy=- when a women gets a positive pregnancy test around the time her period is due but it is usually faint and she comes on her period a few days later.

Dpo – days past ovulation = how many days it has been since the day you ovulated.

DH – dear husband = Your husband.

DW – dear wife = Your wife.

DS/DD – dear son/dear daughter = Your son or daughter.

DOR – Diminished Ovarian Reserve = This means a women has a low number of viable eggs left in her ovaries.

EWCM – egg white cervical mucus = this is your fertile cervical mucus you get when in your fertile window.

EDD – Estimated due date = the date your baby is due.

FF- Formula feeding = When a women is using formula to feed her baby.

GF – Girl friend.

HTH- Hope this helps

HPT – home pregnancy test = a pregancy test that you can buy and do at home.

ICSI – Intracytoplasmic sperm injection = when a single sperm cell is injected straight into a women’s egg in a laboratory.

IUI  – Intrauterine insemination =when sperm is placed inside a woman’s uterus.

IVF – In vitro fertilisation = is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body e.g in a test tube

LMAO = Laughing my arse off

LOL = Laughing out loud

MW = Midwife

MC = miscarriage

MMC – missed miscarriage = this is when a women has miscarried but her body has not yet rejected the pregnancy. A MMC is usually discovered at an early scan when the baby has stopped growing earlier on and has no heart beat.

NS or NT scan –  Nuchal scan/nuchal translucency scan =  is an ultrasound scan used to measure the thickness of the fold of skin at the back of the unborn babies neck. This can indicate if the baby is likely to have Down’s syndrome.

OPK =  ovulation prediction kit = ovulation test.

OH – other half = your partner/husband/wife.

OMG = Oh my god/gosh/goodness.

OT – Off topic = when someone is changing the subject within a discussion

PG – Pregnant.

POASA = pee on a stick addict = This is used when a women is trying to concieve and is obsessed with doing ovulation or pregnancy tests.

Pupo =  pregnant until proven otherwise i.e. until your period arrives there is still that possibility you could be pregnant. Some women also use the phase ‘ I am not out yet’, meaning her period has not arrived yet …….or ‘I am out’ meaning her period has arrived.

PND – Postnatal depression = depression experienced by women following childbirth and is associated with  hormonal changes, fatigue and the psychological adjustment linked to being a mum.

SD – Sperm donor =  when a sample of sperm is donated to a women to be used artificial insemination by a man that is not the women’s sexual partner.

TMI – Too much information = This is used to warn the reader of the impending detail they are about to share about a sensitive subject.

TTC – trying to conceive = trying to get pregnant.

TTW – two week wait = this basically means the luteal phase or part of your cycle after you ovulate. As the luteal phase is on average 14 days long it is called the two week wait before your period is due.

VBAC – Vaginal birth after Cesarean = This is when a women has had a Cesarean with her previous child and has managed a natural vaginal birth with her next child.

If there are any I have missed then please write to me in the comments section at the bottom so I can add them.


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