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The reason I started this website is because I want to help other women successfully conceive whether they are just starting out or whether they have been struggling for a while and may have even had a miscarriage and is looking for some hope. Below I will share with you a few of my success stories so far in helping the women in my life get pregnant faster.


My friend got pregnant with her firstborn by accident and didn’t realise she was even pregnant until she was 3 months along when she noticed her boobs were growing and she had missed her period. When her son turned 12 months she wanted to start trying for number two and figured it would happen fairly quickly. She was still yet to conceive by the time he was almost 2 years so was a bit of a surprise for her. She told me that her cycles were 26 days and that she ovulates 7 days after her period started as she gets ovulation pains around that time. She had therefore been having sex around this time every cycle. I gave her some advice about monitoring her fertile signs and charting her temperatures and she discovered that she actually ovulates over a week later than she thought as her charts showed her temperature rise clearly. Instead of ovulating on cycle day 7 and having an 19-day luteal phase she ovulates on day 14 and has a 12-day luteal phase. Within 2 cycles she was pregnant. When her daughter turned 1 year old she decided to start trying for number 3. She figured it would take at least 6 months to conceive. The first cycle trying and she got pregnant because she knew when in her cycle she ovulated.

One of my friends had such a tough time when trying to conceive her firstborn. After 2 years of trying she finally had some tests done and she discovered that her Fallopian tubes were blocked due to an STD that she had contracted as a teenager and didn’t know. She had an operation to unblock her tubes but only one was really viable. She therefore could only conceive if she ovulated from the right ovary. The ovaries don’t always take it in turns each cycle and she could have gone 3 months ovulating on the left before ovulating on the right. To boost her chances I gave her some advice on how to make the most of each ovulation by monitoring her fertile signs and charting her temperatures. She then knew on which cycle day she ovulated on and got pregnant the month after. When her daughter turned 18 months she decided to try for number two. She got pregnant within a month but sadly it ended in an early miscarriage. Two cycles later she got pregnant again and has just given birth to another little girl.

My friend got pregnant very easily with her son but after she had him her cycles shortened in length from 25 days to just 21 days. She figured she must ovulate half-way through her cycle so concentrated having sex at that time. It took her 6 months before she spoke to me about it. I gave her some advice and she began charting her ovulation only to discover that she was ovulating just 8 days after her period started. Her follicular phase was only 8 days and her luteal phase was 13 days. She got pregnant the following month and her daughter is now 15 months old. She is now already 3 months pregnant with her 3rd child.

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2 thoughts on “Success stories

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi. Very encouraging post. Just goes to show there are so many of us fighting our own battles when it comes to trying for a baby. I definitely recommend temping. Helped me to find out I now have a short luteal phase.

  2. Vicki Magnusson says:

    Yes, so many women struggling to conceive and I find that Drs take a long time to help. Doesn’t help stress levels and can make matters worse. That is why I am encouraging women to take control and try and improve their fertility naturally or at least discover if there is a problem so that they can go to their GP for medical help/further tests.

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