I sell ultra sensitive ovulation test strips (10miu) and One step pregnancy test strips on ebay UK, however if you buy directly from My Fertility you will see a 5% discount off the ebay prices.

Ebay charge a processing fee to sellers and I would like to pass on this discount onto my customers. You can buy ovulation tests and pregnancy tests from as little as 94p each (cheaper than any ebay buy it now price).

I also offer a discount on the price of the ovulation thermometers and Fertility/ovulation packs (coming soon). Grab yourself a bargain today!!

New to My Fertility, I am now selling baby memorial keepsakes – Bracelets, key rings and Pendants – £2.49p – £2.99p.


Ultra Sensitive Ovulation Tests (10miu) from 94p.



One Step Pregnancy Tests (10miu) from 94p


Digital Ovulation Thermometers- 2 Decimal places – £3.49p




Fertility Packs/Fertility Kits



Ovulation and Pregnancy test Packs


Digital Ovulation Thermometers-  1 Decimal place – £3.29p


Baby memorial keepsakes – Bracelets, key rings and Pendants.