Pregnancy test strips – 10miu – Free UK Delivery on all orders.

Pregnancy test strips – 10miu – Free Uk Delivery


Payment can be made securely using Paypal and all prices include FREE UK POST to your door.  I also sell these tests on Ebay if you prefer, however due to the Ebay seller fees they are slightly more expensive. For further information on these tests scroll down the page. If you live outside the UK (Including the Republic of Ireland & the rest of Europe) additional charges apply – £1.60p,  £2.80 or £4 postage charge (depending on weight). Please contact me at for details or a quote.

These strip tests are at a sensitivity of 10miu and work to an accuracy level of 99%. They can be used up to 4 days before a missed period depending on when implantation has taken place (from 11 days post ovulation). These tests will detect HCG in your urine. 

SAFETY: Please dispose of the test, silica pouch and empty package safely after use. Keep out of reach of children at all times. The silica pouch inside the test foil is present to keep the test free of moisture but is a potential choking hazard and may cause injury if ingested. 


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Example of a positive test

1 x  Pregnancy test – £0.94


2  x Pregnancy tests – 10miu – £1.24p   


                                                                                             5 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu – £1.61p             



                                                                                              10 x  Pregnancy tests – 10miu – £2.37p


                                                 12 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu- £2.47p                                              


       15 x  Pregnancy tests – 10miu – £2.97p


                                                                       20 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu- £3.67p                                                              


                                                                       25 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu- £4.07p                                                              


                                                                       30 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu- £4.27p                                                              


                      40 x Pregnancy tests – 10miu- £5.27p           


How to use.

HCG is produced following implantation of an embryo into the uterus. The HCG produced can be detected using a pregnancy test up to 4 days before a missed period (from 11dpo). Ideally however, the test should be used the day of a missed period to gain the clearest test result.

Collect a sample of your urine in a clean dry container.

Important note: These tests are not midstream tests and the test strip needs to be dipped into urine to work. If you urinate directly onto the test then not enough liquid will reach the control and test area of the test leaving it blank (no lines will appear). Please follow the instructions carefully to gain a valid result.

– Open the sealed foil pouch and remove the test holding the dark blue part of the test.

– Dip the white part of the test into the urine for 10-15 seconds (do not allow the urine to go above the MAX line on the test) making sure the arrows are pointing down and the test is held vertical. You should see the dye starting to appear in the test area and track up towards the top of the test.

– Remove the test strip and lie horizontally on a clean dry surface.

– A control line should appear to indicate the test has been used correctly.

Please safely dispose any used test after use and keep out of reach of children.


How to read the results.

Negative test result:  A negative test can be confirmed after 5 minutes when the test is completed and there is no test line appearing on the test indicating that no HCG has been detected. If you are testing very early or you still suspect that you may be pregnant then repeat the test in 24 hours. An evaporation/shadow line may appear after several hours once the test has been left out to dry and this should not be read as a positive test.

Positive test result: If both a control line and test line appears within 5 minutes of commencing the test then this indicates HCG is present in your urine and you are likely to be pregnant. If you are using a test before a missed period and are pregnant then the test line will take a few minutes to appear and will be fainter than the control line. If you have missed your period and are pregnant then the test line will appear sooner and will be darker and may even be as dark as the control line.

Invalid result: If no lines appear on the test within 5 minutes or if the control line does not appear but a test line does this indicates an invalid result. The test may still work as the control line only appears if a liquid (urine) reaches that area. You may try to re-dip the test tip back into the urine for another few seconds. A clear control line is needed to confirm a valid test result.

Reasons for an invalid Test Result:

–        The test was not held in the urine long enough.

–        Peeing directly on the test strip rather than dipping it in the urine (These tests are not mid stream tests).

–        Reading the results too soon or after 5 minutes.


Each pack contains:

1. One Pregnancy Strip Test.

2. Silica pouch (Dispose safely – Do not consume – Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with skin).


Any purchases made will appear on your bank account and Paypal account as either healthco.

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