Digital Ovulation Thermometers – 2 Decimal places – £3.48p (Free P&P)

Digital Ovulation Thermometers – 2 decimal places 

Free Postage and Packaging for £3.48p.


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As these thermometers are composed of small parts (including a cell battery) please keep out of reach of children at all times as these small parts could be a potential choking hazard and may cause harm if ingested. 

If you want to begin charting your ovulation using your basal body temperature then a reliable thermometer is needed. By taking your temperature daily throughout your cycle you can confirm when ovulation has taken place and start to get an idea about the regularity of your cycle and when you are most likely fertile.  



1 x Ovulation Thermometer – 2 decimal places – £3.48p


If you would like some ovulation tests and pregnancy tests along with the thermometer then please see product page for –  Fertility/Ovulation Packs, Ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. Free postage on all items. 

How to calculate your ovulation?

When trying for a baby, you probably ask yourself every cycle ‘when will I ovulate’. You can use an online ovulation calendar to calculate your ovulation date, but these just ask you to input your average cycle length. They will probably place your ovulation date around 14 days before your next period is due or halfway through your cycle which may be fine for many women. It is not helpful however, for women with irregular cycles or for women with longer or shorter than average luteal phases. The only reliable way to calculate your ovulation date and to predict when you may next ovulate is to chart your cycles.

To chart your ovulation you need to record your lowest body temperature each day and it is advised to take your temperatures’ first thing in the morning, when you have just woken up. You should take your temperature as close to the same time each day as you can e.g. if you wake for work at 6-7am, take it at 6-7am every morning before you get out of bed. It is advised to start recording your daily temperatures at the beginning of a new cycle (cycle day 1) i.e. the first day of your period. The temperatures’ before ovulation will be your pre-ovulation temperatures’ and your baseline. 

A day or so before you ovulate, you will get an increase in a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH) which will give you a positive ovulation test AKA LH tests or OPK if you use them. As luteinizing hormone levels increase it reaches its threshold level and an egg is released. Once the egg is released, your levels of progesterone will start to increase which warms the body. Once you have ovulated you should see a rise in your basal body temperature (BBT) on your chart. You need to see at least 3 high temperatures’ above your pre-ovulation range for 3 consecutive mornings to confirm ovulation. They should then stay high until your period arrives or until you give birth, if you are lucky enough to fall pregnant.

You can chart your ovulation easily with this digital thermometer and once you have your baby you can go on to use it as a baby thermometer. You will receive a free ovulation chart to help you get going which may be photocopied to use each cycle. 

For more information on Charting your Ovulation check out my section on this ”here”. 

CE Approved – see product label. 

Product description


Thanks to its soft flexible tip you can comfortably use this thermometer orally, rectally or under the armpit. Approximate measuring time is 60 seconds with an accurate temperature reading to within 0.01℃. Easy to operate, simple one touch button and an easy to read LCD display. The thermometer will store the last reading and recall when it is next switched on. Comes with a clear plastic case for storage making it hygienic and great for travel.
1. This thermometer records temperature in Celsius only (no Fahrenheit option).
2. Only the probe is waterproof, do not immerse it into water (wipe clean only).
3. Always keep it dry.
4. Keep it away from Chemical cleaner. and out of reach of children.
5. This thermometer reads to 2 decimal places which is desirable for charting your ovulation – see photo of chart for example. 
How to use the thermometer:
The mouth (oral cavity) is considered to be a reliable representation for human bodies core temperature. The thermometer needs to be placed underneath the tongue to the back of the mouth. It is advised that you keep your mouth shut for a minute or so before placing the Thermometer under the Tongue as mouth breathing can reduce the temperature reading. Do not drink any hot or cold drinks prior to taking your temperature as this will affect the accuracy of the reading also. 
Taking an armpit temperature is not considered as accurate as oral or rectal but can still be performed to give a reading. To increase the reliability keep the arm close to the body for 3 minutes before recording the temperature. Taking your temperature vaginally is also particularly reliable but care must be taken not to cause trauma to the vaginal or urethra and the thermometer should be cleaned thoroughly after use to prevent introducing bacteria into the vagina. 
Package included: £3.48p
1 x Digital Thermometer with a Transparent plastic carrying case.
1 x Thermometer instruction sheet. 
1 x Free ovulation chart. 


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