Cheap internet pregnancy test strips. Do they really work? A review and comparison to First Response and Clear Blue.

I have decided to write this post as a common question asked almost weekly on trying to conceive websites is ”are the cheap pregnancy test strips you can buy online any good?” and ”Do cheap pregnancy test strips work as well as the expensive brands such as First Response and Clear Blue?” The short answer is yes. They work in exactly the same way as the more expensive brands. They just come without the expensive plastic packaging.

How sensitive are cheap pregnancy test strips?

Most cheap internet tests are very sensitive at 10mlU/ml with only First Response being more sensitive at 6.3mlU/ml. Clear blue are around 25mlU/ml so are the less sensitive brand. There are obviously many other brands of pregnancy tests out there but none are cheaper than the ones you can buy in bulk online from ebay, Amazon or from this website – My Fertility (See product pages for more information). You can buy 40 test strips for just £5.27p meaning at My Fertility making it just 13p per test compared to £6-£12 per test when buying a First Response or Clear Blue. For this reason the cheap pregnancy test strips are extremely good value for money, especially if you want to test everyday to see the progression of darker lines. Because they are so cheap many woman believe they cannot possibly work as well as the most expensive brands despite the fact our NHS use such test strips in all of their clinics and hospitals to check for pregnancies.

Do the cheap internet pregnancy tests work?

I have recently taken the opportunity to conduct an experiment on a friend who was trying to conceive. I supplied her with dozens of pregnancy test strips as well as a few First Response and Clear blue tests to compare their performance. As you will see the results show that the cheap tests work very well and are very reliable.


How early can you test with the cheap pregnancy test strips?

This is a photo of a positive pregnancy test strip done at 11dpo (so 4 days before a missed period). As you can see there is a slight shadow of a second line above the control line but it is not 100% convincing. The clear blue test carried out with the same urine was negative however the First Response test carried out was clearly positive showing a faint line.



The test strip below was taken at 12dpo. As you can see it is clearly positive.



Below is a cheap pregnancy test strip compared to a clear blue test taken at 13dpo. As you can see both are clearly positive. The only difference is the plastic outer casing and the colour of the dye……oh yes and the price. The clear blue test cost £8 and the test strip cost 13p.






This is a comparison of a First Response tests taken at 15dpo compared to a cheap test strip. As you can see both the tests are very positive and it seems redundant to carry on paying out £5-10 per test for a First Response when you can reliably use a cheap test at a fraction of the price.



Finally this is a cheap pregnancy test strip at 18dpo. The test line is almost as dark as the control line just 4 days after a missed period.



How Quickly will the cheap pregnancy test strips get dark?

This photo below shows the progression of the darkening lines as each day passes. The lines get darker over several days from 11dpo to 18dpo, just like the more expensive brands do. The only thing to say really is if you want a clear answer very early on e.g. 10-11dpo then First Response are the best test as they are so sensitive. If you are willing to wait until 12-13dpo then the cheap internet tests work very well. This all depends on implantation of course and whether or not you know your exact ovulation date rather than an estimated date. You may ovulate on different cycle days from month to month so unless you a charting your ovulation you cannot be 100% sure how many days post ovulation you are (even if you use ovulation tests). A negative test does not necessarily mean you are not pregnant. Until your period arrives there is always a chance and with the cheap test strips you can test until your hearts is content without costing yourself a fortune.


I hope this post was helpful. Feel free to comment below. See products page if you would like to buy any cheap pregnancy test strips.


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